Hospitality & Customer Service Representatives

Hospitality now constitutes a significant portion of the regions gross domestic product. The tourism sector is underpinning the region’s growing hospitality industry.

Quantum Work Abroad Services is one of the few recruitment agencies to have a specialist hospitality division. Our experts have broad international experience in various sectors including hotels, food and beverage and retail businesses. Having worked and gained respect in their various fields, and are the preferred recruiter to provide our Employers with a high level of service.

Areas of coverage:

Food and Beverage Retail

  • Executive, head, and sous chefs
  • General, operational and outlet management
  • Retail shop staff and management

Retail and commercial

  • Retail shop staff & management

Hotels & Resorts

  • Administration
  • Engineering
  • Executive committee
  • Food, beverage, and kitchen
  • Human resources, training, and recruitment
  • Information technology
  • Rooms division
  • Sales, marketing, public relations, and revenue
  • Security
  • Spa & recreation

Travel Management

  •  Corporate and marketing communications

Spa & Recreation

  • Operations
  • Sales, marketing and public relations
  • Spa management

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